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 We hope these links help you to continue your learning at home. Have fun!



 There are some lovely phonics games here, try Obb and Bob or Pick a Picture:


Try some counting games here:


Year 1
We love to use 'Super Movers' in Class B! Miss Slater's favourite is the counting song. It is very catchy! 


 Try sorting real words and nonsense words using your blending skills! My favourite games are 'Buried Treasure' or 'Picnic on Pluto' with Obb and Bob.

Use 'Hit the Button' to practise halving, doubling and times tables (2's, 10's and 5's). 

Year 2



Year 3

 We enjoy using Time Tables Rock Stars!

 We also like playing lots of maths games and solving challenges on Abacus:

We have recently been using the Reading section on Education City (under English) to answer lots of reading questions: 


Year 4

Practise your times tables as often as you can on Times Tables Rock star!


You can also play lots of games to support your learning on Education City. 


Year 5



Year 6



“The children of St. Joseph’s make us proud every day”