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Please make sure you are supervising your child whilst they are using tablets, youtube and apps. Children at this age are vulnerable online and must not be using phones, tablets or other devices independently, especially in rooms alone. Please make sure you regularly check your child's apps.

It is so important we work together to keep your child safe online.  

Please watch today's assembly

Friday 9th July

Aspirations Day!

Today's Task

Today it would be Aspirations Day in school. We would love you to still have a day where you think about your aspirations. In Class A we have been thinking about our aspirations all week (please check the website days prior to this for a recap if needed). Today will be a celebration of our week!
I would LOVE you to embrace this theme! Dress up and create a roleplay of the job you would like! You could use your bedroom, kitchen, garden or any room of the house! Use paper to make signs and most of all use your imagination to play and have fun! Get the whole family involved! There are some examples below.

Please send me a photo of yourself dressed up with the role play area you have created! I would love to see.