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Please make sure you are supervising your child whilst they are using tablets, youtube and apps. Children at this age are vulnerable online and must not be using phones, tablets or other devices independently, especially in rooms alone. Please make sure you regularly check your child's apps.

It is so important we work together to keep your child safe online.  

Monday 6th July

Class A, Please click on the picture below to see a special message from me. 


Busy Bee Take Over

Hello from Mrs Farmer and Mrs Baldwin.

Thank you for your fabulous work last week, your self portraits are going to look fabulous in our your new classroom.

Click on the Busy Bee picture to find out what we would like you to do this week. We want to know even more about your favourite things!

Flying Cartoon Bee, Cartoon Clipart, Bee Clipart, Flight PNG ...


 Once you've completed this task, get your parents to take a photograph of it and email it to us on:, again we will reply to all the emails sent.


Below is last weeks task. If you didn't manage to complete it then, please do so today:

Self portrait 

We would like to fill your new classroom with picture of you drawn by you, so today we would like you to draw a self portrait of yourself. Just draw your face.

Have a look now in the mirror and see what there is on your face. How many eyes do you have? Where is your nose? What is your hair like?

With a pencil and a plain piece of paper draw an outline of your face.

Then colour it in. Look again in the mirror to see what colours you will need. What colour eyes have you got? What colour hair?

Get an adult to take a picture of your brilliant artwork and send it in with your answer.


Story Time

Today's story is read to you by Mrs Baldwin, she is reading her very favourite book:

The Gruffalo: Donaldson, Julia, Scheffler, Axel: Books


For the rest of the day we would like you to do something that you really enjoy doing. It might be going on a walk, doing a cosmic kids yoga session or having a disco. Do something that makes you smile!


Have a lovely day!