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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Please make sure you are supervising your child whilst they are using tablets, youtube and apps. Children at this age are vulnerable online and must not be using phones, tablets or other devices independently, especially in rooms alone. Please make sure you regularly check your child's apps.

It is so important we work together to keep your child safe online.  
For more information about how to keep safe online, click here.

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Good Morning Class A! Make sure you stick to our timetable today, find it on our class homepage.

*Please send your photo activities altogether at 2.00-2.30. Do not send throughout the day, thank you.

Register at 9.00, via dojo message so I know you are up and ready to start our day.

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Lesson 1 - Phonics

Click here for today’s phonics teaching and activity.

Phase 3


Let's play I Spy! have a look around and choose your object, write it secretly so your adult can't see. Tell them the start sound. Can they guess your word? Reveal it if they do! Take turns today to play this. Make sure you write your word so that you don't forget it!  

Also, have a go at practising blending with this game…

Select phase 3 and the sound v https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/resources/phase/3/pick-a-picture

Lesson 2 and 3- Literacy and Maths

Click here for today’s Literacy activity introduction.

Maths focus - Following instructions. Reinforce key vocabulary of first, second, third, and so on.

Literacy Focus - To write a list (this will be done at the end of the activity).

Class A, can you follow the instructions below to make some play dough to make some gingerbread people (not to eat).


  1. First, put at least one cup of flour into a big bowl.
    2. Next pour some water into a cup to show nearly empty.
    3. Then add the water to the flour.
    4. After that begin to mix with your fingers. You may need to add more flour to thicken to play dough consistency or more water to bring the mix together, make sure to add a little bit at a time.
    5. Next you could add some food colouring or scent (herbs or spices or both!) to your mix. This is optional.
    6. Finally you are ready to make it into gingerbread people! You could add different things to make eyes, buttons and other things.

"Run, run, run. As fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!"

After you have finished playing with this dough, children should write a list of the ingredients they used.


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Good Afternoon Class A, register at 1.00, via dojo message so I know you are settled and ready to start the afternoon.

Lesson 4 - Reading

Activity – Read and find...

Children should read the words below independently. Children get 2 points for each item they find. How many points can you get?!


a bed

a sock

a bin

a brush



Some children would feel more confident doing this just for you in your house so please don’t feel the need to video thiA photo or comment on your child’s profile will be super. We will then give your child their red reading stamp.      


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Lesson 5


Here is a song for Lent with Miss Cooper and me. https://youtu.be/Xy4gj7BBP1Y 

Activity – To make your own Prayer. 

Click here for the lesson introduction. 

 Today Class A, we will be using the sorry and thank you prayer spoons to make up our own prayer. Lent is a time in which we ask God to forgive us for anything we may have done wrong and to also show how grateful we are to God, for all of the positive things in our life. 

I would like you to know it is ok to make mistakes Class A, everyone does sometimes! It is important that when we do make mistakes that we are honest and we say sorry. So today we will reflect and think about some things that we might be able to say sorry for and also to try not to do again in the future. How can we stop ourselves from doing those things again? Think about why you did it. 

Also take some time to think about all the good things in your life. What are you grateful for?