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Wednesday 1st April 


Phonics Activity

I have recorded a new phonics lesson. Today we will recap the phonics songs and actions. Click here to watch and join in.
Please record that your child has watched and joined in with this phonics lesson in the Parent Observation book.


Mathematics Activity

Today I would like to focus on doubling. We have not yet covered this in Class A, this will be new learning. Please share the video before doing the activity. Children should learn that when we double a number we are adding two numbers/ amounts that are the same. They should use their fingers to double numbers 1-5 and should record these in their green books as additions. Children should write their own additions and find the answers using their fingers. 

Please click on Snappy the crocodile below for an input for this activity prior to starting. I will attach an example below the Literacy activity.

Literacy Activity

Continuing our story 'On The Moon'.. Oh no! Gerald has covered the words for the next page, see in the video. Could you help me? Write what is happening in the picture. This should be one sentence, or more if you'd like, about what is happening in the picture. Children may need support planning their sentence then remind them of each word as they write them but please encourage an independence in sounding out the words. Children should use their phonics to write each word. These are the prompts we would use to support in Class A... What is the word? Repeat it after me... Sound it out... Write the sounds you can hear... Use a sound mat if you're not sure what the sound looks like. Brilliant! We are happy with all attempts! 

Please click on Gerald the giraffe below for an input for this activity prior to starting. See an example below Gerald of how today's page should look.

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Story Time

Today I would like you to read with me. Click here to read a story to Antony, Gerald and Snappy.

Afternoon Activities

I have three afternoon activity suggestions from Antony Ant! Watch the slideshow below to see the activity suggestions. Please try at least one activity. Parents please record these as an observation along with any other observations from your day, including reading. See an example below the activity slides.

I have attached some pictures in relation to today's act of kindness, see them below the slides.

Click here for PE with Mr Maguire .

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