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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

With God in Our Hearts We Love and Learn.

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Thursday 4th March

Mass: 9:00-9:30

Click on this link and watch Father Peter conducting Mass from Church.

Join in as many of the prayers as you can please Busy Bees:



What colour was Father Peter wearing today? Why? 



Your story writing this week has been AMAZING! We are so proud. They are so good that we'd like to create our very own book with all your wonderful stories in.

Today I'd like you to copy your story from Monday to Wednesday on a new page. Your going to bring this in with you to school on Monday so we can put them together and make a book full of them.

When you're doing it think of these things:

  • Start with a title 
  • Remember your capital letters and full stops
  • Add in adjectives if you've forgotten
  • Use your very best handwriting with finger spaces
  • Draw pictures around your story or at the end 
  • You could use different colours to write your story to make it look even better 

Remember to bring them in on Monday with you so we can put them together for our Busy Bee Book of Stories!


Start today's lesson by practising your counting in 10s. Get someone to time you saying it. Can you do it again and beat your time?

Today we are doing 'lots of' using the x time, here's an example of what I want you to do:


Can we all remember the 7 Continents? Remind yourself with the song:


Over the last 7 weeks we have looked at animals from all the Continents. I have loved these lessons because I have learnt some new facts about the different animals too.


I thought it'd be nice to end this topic to create your own maps. Below I have put an outline of the Continent map if you want it as a guide. I have also put the whole PowerPoint of all the animals we have learnt about. 

Draw out the map, choose your favourite animal from each Continent and draw it in. If you've got a printer you could always cut and stick the animals in.

You could do this as a lift the flap with a fact about the animal underneath, you do it how you'd like to!