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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

It is important that children are staying safe online at all times. Please click on the link for support on how you can ensure this. 

Summer Reading Challenge 2020! I have sent you all an email on Purple Mash about this year's reading challenge. Please make sure you sign up this week. Click on the document below to find out how to sign up.


Thursday 16th July 2020 


Daily Prayer:  

To access more daily prayers for home click on the link above.  

Click on the link below to watch Friday’s Assembly 

Click on the link below to watch the Leavers’ Mass 

Thankful Thursday!

For today's activity you will need a paper plate or a circular piece of paper. 

First, split the circle into eighths (halve it, halve it again and halve it once more). 

Next, in each eighth draw a picture or write about things you are thankful for.

Lastly, once you have finished send me a photo of your work on Purple Mash 2Email.