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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


Thursday 2nd April 2020 


Daily Prayer: 

Morning Maths Lesson 1 

Click the link above to access Times Table Rock Stars - don't forget to challenge Miss Beg! 

L.O: To count on and back from a given number.

1.       First, answer the questions (1-10) to warm up your maths brain.


  1. 18, 21, 24 (adding 3 each time)
  2. 13, 11, 9 (subtracting 2 each time)
  3. 27, 31, 35 (adding 4 each time)
  4. 8, 5, 2 (subtracting 3 each time)
  5. 15, 20, 25 (adding 5 each time)
  6. 37, 32, 27 (subtracting 5 each time)
  7. 9, 7, 5, (subtracting 2 each time)
  8. 20, 17, 14 (subtracting 3 each time)
  9. 12, 8, 4 (subtracting 4 each time)
  10. 5, 3, 1 (subtracting 2 each time)

2. L.O: To recognise and show fractions on a number line.

Next, answer the fraction questions. For some of the questions you may need to copy the diagrams and then complete them. Or you can print the worksheet and stick it in your book.


Have another go at Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica!

You can choose a character and select which area of Maths you would like to focus on, for example; place value. Then you must answer a series of questions to defeat the beast! You will be able to move onto the next level where the questions start to get trickier. Good luck!


I will upload the answers at 2.30pm every day.

Morning English Lesson 2 


  1. Look at the photograph and read the ‘Story Starter!’ text. Then answer the questions below:

L.O: To retrieve and record information from a text.

a) Find and copy the direct speech in the text.

b) Find and copy the synonym for said in the text.

c) What word is used to describe the group of rhinos?

d) Find and copy an example of a possessive apostrophe used in the text.

e) What is the grammatical name for ?

f) “…sending up large clouds into the humid air….” What does humid mean?

I will upload the answers at 2.30pm every day.


a) “Charge!”

b) screamed

c) herd

d) rhino’s feet

e) ellipsis

f) humid means there is a lot of water vapour in the air which makes it feel damp, steamy or warm like a sauna!


2. L.O: To describe a setting.

Click on the link above to help you with your setting description. Complete the 'fill in the gaps' activity first then create a setting description for the ‘Stampede’ image above. Remember to include:

-          When is the story set?

-          Where is the story set?

-          Interesting adjectives (use an online thesaurus to help you find ambitious word choices)

-          What can the reader see, hear, smell, taste and touch?

Afternoon activity Lesson 3

Good afternoon!

I have been told you have all received an email on Purple Mash form somebody who needs your help. Log on to Purple Mash to find out what you must do next!

Complete the email activity on Purple Mash first and then you may choose one other activity from the list below.

  • Junk modelling! Collect and recycle materials such as yoghurt pots, toilet rolls and boxes and see what you can create with them.
  • Complete one of the mindfulness practices from Mr Doyle on the Headteacher’s message part of the website. 


Click the link above to access free reading resources! Chapter 7

Click the link above to continue reading our class novel The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe with me.