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Headteacher's Message

I hope you are finding all of the work on the website helpful and you are continuing to keep learning even though you are at home. Please remember you are only expected to do the maths and English activities daily everything else is there to help you if you choose to do more. If your parents are helping you with your learning maybe you could help them by doing some jobs around the house too! Look after each other and have fun!

End of Term Assembly - Friday 3.4.2020 (3pm) 

An Easter Message:


Weekly liturgy with One Life Music: 

week 1 -

Prayer with Fr. Peter - please follow the link below for prayer and Mass with Fr. Peter:


Prayer Resources to be used at home:



Key Stage 2 Music Task - Click the link below for a very simple music lesson/task from Mr Brandon that can be done by the whole family (if you like!).



Mindfulness - Please only access these videos with adult supervision as on You Tube.


Day 1: body scan

Day 2: mindful breathing

Day 3: 5,4,3,2,1 Grounding technique

Day 4: sound of the bowl practice

Day 5: hand breathing

Repeat every week.


At the foot of the cross
We are children of the light
We are one body
St Joseph (pray for us)
We are a shining light (go do something beautiful)
Over all the Earth (Reign in me again)
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