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 Class D - Daring Dragons

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Homework - due in Friday 27th November.

First, write the date at the top of the page in your homework book.

Spellings - Please learn the spellings below and write each word in a sentence.  

  1. bright
  2. colourful
  3. glum
  4. fierce
  5. brown
  6. suddenly


Maths - This week we have been learning about fractions.

Answer the fraction questions below. You do not need to print the sheets. Instead copy out the fraction additions, write the answer and then draw them. Use the example to help you.


On the second sheet, write down the fraction that is shaded. Remember to count the total number of squares to find the denominator (bottom number) and then count the shaded squares to find the numerator (top number).

Homework - due in Friday 20th November.

First, write the date at the top of the page in your homework book.

Spellings - Please learn the spellings below and write each word in a sentence.  

  1. when
  2. where
  3. who
  4. what
  5. were
  6. why


Maths - This week we have been improving our multiplication and divisions skills. We have revisited the Year 2 times tables (2s, 5s and 10s) and learnt the 3s which is a Year 3 times table.

Answer the questions below in your homework book. You do not need to copy the pictures but please make sure you number the questions 1-9. 

Welcome back!

This year your teacher will be Miss Beg and your teaching assistant will be Miss Owen. We hope you have all had an enjoyable summer holiday and we are very excited to welcome you back to school! 

What do I need to bring to school? 

You might be wondering what you need to bring with you to school, so we have put together a list of things below to help you!

  • Wear PE Kit on days we are doing PE (Mondays and Thursdays)
  • A small bag
  • Your Reading Diary/Record and book
  • A bottle 
  • Lunchbox
  • Your own hand sanitiser 

Learning in Year 3

In English, we will read a range of text including poems, newspaper articles, reports, adventure stories, Roman myths and instructions. We will then practise creating our own versions of different texts and share with each other. We will practise new spellings each week which are taken from the 'Year 3 and 4 statutory spelling list' as well as developing our grammar and reading skills. 

In Maths, we will be developing many skills including adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. We will be focusing on numbers up to 1,000 and solving number problems and practical problems involving 3 and 4 digit numbers. 

In Science,  we learn about how to keep ourselves healthy in the 'Animals Including Humans' unit, we explore which materials are magnetic in the 'Forces' unit, we learn about how to protect our eyes from the sun in the 'Light' unit, we discover how dinosaur fossils are formed in the 'Rocks' unit and we grow our own flowers in the 'Plants' unit.

Our learning in RE focuses on preparing for First Holy Communion and developing our relationship with God through prayer. 

The topics we will be learning about this year are 'The Ancient Egyptians', 'The Roman invaders' and 'North America'.  

Important days

PE takes place on Mondays and Thursdays. Please make sure you come to school wearing the correct PE kit on these days:

- Navy or black shorts or jogging bottoms (dependent on weather)

- A plain white t-shirt

- Trainers 

- School jumper or cardigan



 Homework will be set on Fridays and should be completed by the following Friday. You will find the homework on the class page of the school website, in the Class D section. This will be updated each week so please make sure you check this regularly. 


 It is important that you read every evening at home. Reading is a skill we use all day, every day so it is very important that you practise this to help you improve. Please make sure your reading diary is signed every day after you have read at home and bring it into school every day so that we can also sign it each time we hear you read.


Times tables

This year, we will be learning more times tables and using these to help us solve number problems and practical problems. Therefore, please make sure you are practising the times tables regularly, don't forget to use Times Tables Rock Stars too!

Home learning activities!

Here is a list of different activities you could do whilst you are at home:

  1. Reading with Oxford Owl - https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/ 

    Click on ‘My Class Login’ and our username is classdyear3 and the password is ClassD3 

    You will find lots of books for you to read online. 
  2. Maths on the move! Complete the home challenge or the number trail, both attached below.
  3. Science Fun at home!  https://pstt.org.uk/resources/curriculum-materials/Science-Fun-at-Home 

  4. Oak Academy Online Learning https://www.thenational.academy/#  Click on the link to access lessons.
  5. White Rose Maths Parent Workbooks https://whiterosemaths.com/resources/primary-resources/parent-workbooks/  Click on the link to access Maths resources. 
  6. Practise times tables on TTRS! https://ttrockstars.com 
  7. BBC Bitesize is a great resource full of videos and activities for every subject. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/levels/zbr9wmn 
 MOTM NUMBER TRAIL SHEET 3and4.pdfDownload
 Summer Reading Social Media Leaflet - Final (1).pdfDownload
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