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After Easter we were going to start teaching Makaton in school, through assemblies and in class. We were going to have a whole school word or phrase of the week with a display to remind children of the sign. Even though we are not in school we are going to still go ahead with this. So if you fancy learning a new skill over this time, then check here daily for a new lesson. The old lessons will stay be on here so don't worry if you miss a few.

What is Makaton?

Makaton is a language programme using Speech, Signs and Symbols. It provides basic communication and everyday vocabulary which helps develop language skills and literacy skills.

Click on the lessons for your YouTube tutorial. Please watch these YouTube clips with parental guidance:

Lesson 1: Hello, Good Morning and Goodbye.

Lesson 2: Please and Thank you.

Lesson 3: Finger spelling alphabet (picture to support finger spelling is at the bottom of the page)

Lesson 4: Good, OK, bad, yes and no. 

Lesson 5: Mum, dad, brother and sister.

Lesson 6: Food and drink.

Lesson 7: The home.

Lesson 8: Car and Bus.

Lesson 9: I, me and you.

Lesson 10: What, where, here and there.

Lesson 11: Doing words part 1.

Lesson 12: Doing words part 2.

Lesson 13: Man, woman, boy, girl and baby.

Lesson 14: Food part 1.

Lesson 15: Drinks.

Lesson 16: Food part 2 and cutlery.

Lesson 17: House hold appliances.

Lesson 18: Electronics.

Lesson 19: Animals part 1.

Lesson 20: Nature and toys.

Lesson 21: Hot and cold.

Here is a sheet that might help with the finger spelling alphabet: