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We are pleased to offer 'Mindfulness' sessions to our children and see a clear link between being mindful and our ability to become closer to God through prayer and reflection.

Starting in Autumn 2018, Year 2 and Year 5 pupils were visited by Fergal Doyle (Mindfulness Practitioner) for a number of sessions resulting in positive outcomes for our children.

Spring 2019 sees Year 1 and Year 6 being given the same opportunity to become mindful and learn to bring one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment,

through the practice of meditation and other activities.

Further information can be found below as well as  link to a short video that explains the theory of Mindfulness in more detail: .  


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What our children have said:

'They've told us about all the concepts of mindfulness'

'It helps them to stay in the present moment and stay calm'

'They really enjoy it'

'It's important to have thinking time'


What our parents have said:

'We are really glad to have the chance (for our children) to experience the course'

'He has dealt with his emotions in a much calmer, adult manner'

'They are learning to take deep breaths rather than reacting to a situation'

'I see it helping with concentration and decision making'

'Thank you for recognising how important this is for our children'