St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

With God in Our Hearts We Love and Learn.

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Monday 13th July

Each day this week I am going to put on a different theme with some suggested activities for you to do at home. You must do at least one of these activities.

Today is:



Let's start our week by listening to the Faith Assembly:


Morning prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you for keeping us safe,

Thank you for helping those who are looking after us,

Please keep our school Community safe,

Help those who are in need.



It's not hard to be kind and you will feel so good when you do it! You are all kind so let's spend the whole day being kind. Here is a Kindness Bingo grid, see how many you can tick off today! I'm going to try and do them all.

When you go to bed tonight have a think how many you've done, how many people you've made happy and how good it's felt!

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