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Monday 30th March


Get your pink book and write today’s date at the top- it is important to do this every day!

I would like you to write some silly sentences using these words, the more of the words you can use in 1 sentence the better! The sillier the sentence the better!







Get your green home learning book out and write today’s date at the top.


Here is a picture of Neil Armstrong. He was the first man to walk on the moon. He flew in the rocket Apollo 11 and landed on the moon. The first words he said were "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Looking at the pictures, and from what you know I would like you to:

Write 2 descriptive sentences about Neil Armstrong / the moon.

Write 2 exclamation sentences about the pictures.

Write 3 questions that you would ask Neil Armstrong.


Write the short date underneath your English work: 30.03.20

Last Monday you went on a shape hunt around your house. This week I want you to do the same... but with 3d shapes.

Under the date I want you to write these 3d shapes. Go around your house or your garden and try and find 3 objects that are these shapes. Write them in your books.

Which shape is most common?

Did you struggle to find any of the shapes?

How to draw a sphereSphere

Blue smart cube icon isometric style Royalty Free Vector Cube

What Is A Cuboid | Cuboid Shape | DK Find OutCuboid

Cone Shape | What Is A Cone | DK Find OutCone

Afternoon (optional)

Spread some kindness

Do something nice for your mum or dad. Give them a massive cuddle, offer to make them something, write them a card.

Just see what it does when you do. One bit of kindness could change someone's day!

Who else could you make happy? Why don't you ask your parents if you could call someone and make them smile?


We usually have PE today, so have a go at another one of Mr Maguire's PE lessons:


Today it is Rice Krispie Cake Day!

If you've got the ingredients, why not make them with an adult? If you haven't could you experiment and melt some chocolate onto something else? Another cereal? Fruit?