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FRIDAY 10th July

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Assembly - Friday 10th July 



Today should have been aspiration day in school. This is the day where you dress up as the job you want when you are older. 

You have a very important job today. Mr Jobburns wants to see you all dress up and carry out your own aspiration day at home. You should get into clothes suitable for the job you want then try to play or complete an activity that matches your job. 

For example:

If you want to be a chef, you could do some cooking.


If you want to be a teacher, you could set up your own school using toys.


If you want to be a soldier, you could create an assault course in your garden.


If you want to be an artist, you could spend the day making as many pieces of art as you can!


Whatever you choose to do, you MUST send a picture of you in your costume completing your activity to Mr. Jobburns. He really wants to see you all trying hard aspiring to be something great.


Mr. Jobburns' email:


If you can send the picture to me on purple mash too that would be swell!