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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Tuesday 2nd March

Phonics 9.15-9.30

'Ch' and 'Sh'. 

Write the correct word for each picture.

Maths 9.45-10.30

Counting in 10s

Yesterday we practised counting in 10s.

Today I would like you to complete the questions below.

Use the number line to help you if you need to.


 1. What is 1 lot of 10?

2. What is 5 lots of 10?

3. What is 7 lots of 10?

4. What is 10 lots of 10?




Further Challenge

Write down some facts about counting in 10s.

For example, are they all odd or even? Where do you see these numbers?

English 11.00-11.45

Story Writing

Today we are continuing to write our story.


Yesterday we wrote the beginning of our story and today we are writing the middle.

In the middle of a story something must go wrong, something must happen which is solved in the end.

Read your story beginning carefully and carry on but describe what went wrong.


Do not solve the problem, leave that for the story ending!


Here is my story beginning example below.

Afternoon Lesson 1.45-2.45



 This week are carrying on exploring our senses.

What would happen without our senses?

Today we are going to complete a touch test to find out what would happen without out sense of touch.


Before you begin the test gather a selection of objects, you will need:

A sponge or towel

A book

A small packet of food e.g. crisps

A pillow or cushion

A saucepan or frying pan


Look at the test below.  Discuss each questions first then complete the test.