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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


Tuesday 31st March

Morning prayer

Thank you Lord for giving us this new day,

Thank you for the sunshine and the flowers,

Thank you for my family and friends,

Thank you for keeping me safe.



Get your pink books out, your pencil ready.


At the top of the page write today’s day and date.

This week I'm going to do a video of me each day saying a silly sentence. I want you to write the sentence in your books using capital letter, finger spaces and full stops. Try to use your phonics for the whole word and there will be some tricky words in there too.

So here's todays video:

I'm going to type the sentence underneath but I don't want you to look at it until you've written the sentence. Check it and make any changes if you need to:

The frog got on the log and pushed the goat off.


Now I want you to think of a silly sentence. Write one silly sentence with these words in:





 Get your green home learning book. At the top of the page I want you to write the date again. 

This week I want us to do some work on Neil Armstrong. Yesterday you looked at a picture and wrote some sentences about it. Today I want you to watch a clip, click on the moon picture.

When you're watching it I want you to think about how Neil Armstrong must have felt, he was the FIRST person to step on the moon.

Moon Clipart Clipart Cliparts For You - Clip Art Animated Moon ...

Today's writing task is to write a diary entry pretending to be Neil Armstrong. Here's how you could start it:

Dear Diary,

Today I was the first man to step on the moon. It felt ...

I want to see finger spaces, capital letters full stops. Try and use some adjectives if you can and conjunctions: and, but, because.


Underneath your English work write the short date: 31.03.20

We're going to do some drawing in maths today... you've got to follow my instructions:

  1. Draw a table (feel free to colour these things in too if you want)
  2. Draw a pig on top of the table.
  3. Draw a giraffe to the right of the table.
  4. Draw a sheep to the left of the table.
  5. Draw a bee under the table. 

Now follow these instructions:

  1. Draw a caterpillar and label it A (give it a name starting with A if you want)
  2. Draw another caterpillar SMALLER than A and label it B.
  3. Draw another caterpillar BIGGER than A and label it C. 




Why not have a picnic today for dinner. It could be in your garden, it could be in the house. Get your teddies to join in. 

Afterwards help your parents to tidy away; look at the smile you put on their faces.

As you've got your teddies why don't you get a blanket, get all your family to sit in the lounge and watch a film together.