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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


 Wednesday 1st April

Good Morning Nursery. It’s Wonderful Wednesday!

Open up your home learning books because here are some learning activities for you to do today.

Practise writing your name.

Phonics and Mark Making – It’s time to meet Robbie the Robot. He is going to say some words and I’d like you to have a go at drawing them in your home learning book please. Click here to meet Robbie the Robot.

Maths – Can you count as the toys hide? Ask someone in your family to hide a toy as you count to 10. When you have finished counting see if you can find your toy. Have another go. Give them a bit longer to hide your toy this time. Can you count to 20?

Click here to do some yoga and hear about Mr Hoppit the Hare.

Story Time – Click here to listen to today’s story. I love the pictures in this one!