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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Daily Prayer

Morning Maths Lesson 1

STARTER: Spend 5 minutes answering these questions. Don't forget to read the time on the clock too. 


MAIN: Open your green book at write the short date at the top of a new page (2.4.20).  Today you are going to carry out a Maths investigation. You are going to work out  a half (1/2) and two quarters (2/4) of numbers. Follow my guide to show you how :)


Step 1: Copy the questions into your green book then draw a bar model underneath, just like you did when you were finding one quarter of numbers. 

Step 2: Work out 1/2 of the number by sharing equally between the two bars:

Step 3: Work out 1/4 of the number by sharing equally between four bars:

Step 4: To work out two quarters of a number you need to add one quarter + one quarter:

If one quarter is 5, then two quarters is 5 + 5 which equals 10. So two quarters (2/4) of 20 is 10.

Use a bar model to solve these:

1/2 of 12 = 6

2/4 of 12 = 6


1/2 of 24 = 12

2/4 of 24 = 12


half of 40 = 20

two quarters of 40 = 20


1/2 of 32 = 16

2/4 of 32 = 16


half of 28 = 14

two quarters of 28 = 14



THINK: What do you notice? 

Well done if you noticed that 1/2 and 2/4 are equal: 

Tomorrow you are going to be finding three quarters (3/4) of amounts. Think about what you have learned today. How do you think you could work out three quarters of amounts?


Morning English Lesson 2

Open your green book and write the date at the top of a new page.

Today you are going to read some information about Easter then answer some questions. 


Read the information TWICE!

Now answer these questions in FULL SENTENCES!

1) On which day do people visit church to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead?

2) What happened to Jesus on Good Friday?

3) What is the record for the world's tallest Easter egg?

4) Find and copy one word that means swap. (You don't need to answer this in a sentence.)

5) Why do people visit church on Easter Sunday?

6) Find and copy one word which means well liked. (You don't need to answer this in a sentence.)

7) What does the cross on top of the hot cross buns remind people of?


Read a book aloud to someone else. Don't forget to record this in your reading diary :)


Afternoon Tasks

Task 1:  Log onto Purple Mash and send an email to your friend. Don't forget to send them a picture to make them smile too :)

Task 2: It’s time to get active! Put on some music and dance around your room. 

Don't forget to send me a photograph of any parts of your learning on Purple Mash if you can!

Story with Miss Denny

Follow this link for today's story :)