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Happy birthday London and Filip! Hope you enjoyed your special days. Love from Miss Denny, Miss Owen and all of your friends in Class C xxx

Monday 30th March 2020

Well done Ellie-Jai and Anson, your Maths work looks great this morning!  :)


Great writing this morning Evann - keep it up! :)

Daily Prayer

Morning Maths Lesson 1

Write the date at the top of your page (30.3.20). 

STARTER: Spend 5 minutes answering these questions. Don't forget to read the time on the clock too.



1) triangle

2) 20

3) 35

4) 37p (The p is important!)

Time: 3 o'clock


Today you are going to learn how to find half of 2 digit numbers using the bar model. Follow my guide to remind you how!

Step 1: Copy out the question neatly into your green book. 

Step 2: As the bottom number of the fraction (denominator) is a 2 I know that I need two equal parts. Use a ruler (or another object with a straight edge if you don't have a ruler) to draw a bar model with two equal parts at the bottom. 

Step 3: As the whole number is 12 write 12 in the whole bar. 

Step 4: Share 12 equally between the two groups. 

Step 5: Count the number of blocks in each group and write the total in each group. Remember they MUST be equal as you are halving an even number!

So half of 12 is 6. 


Now have a go at finding half of these numbers using the same method:

half of 10 = 5

½ of 20 = 10

half of 14 = 7

half of 22 = 11

½ of 30 = 15

½ of 16 = 8

half of 26 = 13

½ of 50 = 25


THINK: Can you find a faster way to halve larger numbers? 



Morning English Lesson 2

 On Sunday 5th April 2020 it is Palm Sunday. It is the beginning of Holy Week and it is celebrated in Church using palm leaves. 

Watch this video about the events that happened on Palm Sunday:


I would like you to imagine that you were the donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem. Write the story of Palm Sunday from the point of view of the donkey. 


Remember to:

  • write the date at the top of the page
  • use capital letters and full stops
  • include the events that happened and how the donkey would have felt (you could spend a couple of minutes writing a list of feelings before you start writing your story)
  • use your neatest handwriting
  • write at least 8 sentences
  • use your phonics, spelling rules, the word mat in your book and these spellings to help you:

   Jerusalem        Jesus         disciples         tied         palm leaves        crowds        people


You may draw a neat picture underneath your writing if you would like to. 


Read a book aloud to someone in your family.  Don't forget to record this in your reading diary :)


Afternoon Tasks

Task 1: Think of 10 things that you are grateful for. They could be people, animals or objects. Write a prayer thanking God for the things that you are grateful for. Don't forget to decorate your prayer, you may want to draw rainbows as a reminder of the people who are working hard to keep us all safe at the moment :)

Task 2: Over the last few weeks we have been thinking about plastic pollution during our science lessons. This afternoon I would like you to find some plastic that you no longer need and make something new. You could make a kite, a boat, a new bag - it is up to you!

Don't forget to send me a photograph of any parts of your learning on Purple Mash if you can!