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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


Monday 30th March

Maths Activity:

LO: To read time in the 12hr and 24hr format. 

Copy each analogue clock in your book.



Morning English Activity:

LO: To identify word classes

Find a book. Any book will do. Actually not that one, that one won't work with this... Ok that one should be fine.

Open the book to any page then make 5 lists.


First: A list on nouns. (names of things)    

Mr Cox, table, Pepsi Max, Downing street

Secondly: A list of verbs. (doing words)

run, swim, eat, had, am, be

Thirdly: Adverbs. (how to do the doing word)

quickly, slowly, loudly, purposefully

Forth: Adjectives. (descriptions for the nouns)

beautiful, lovely, aggressive, shiny

Finally: Prepositions. (words that tell you where something is in time or position) 

before, after, between, next to, above, below

 I have also set a purple mash 2DO for you about word classes.


Afternoon Activity:

You have not had any singing lessons for a while. I'm worried that you might forget how to sing.


Your task is to learn the words to a song and perform it to your family.

Bonus points for those of you who also dance. 

Extra bonus points for anyone who gets a photo of themselves singing and sticks it into their work book.




Part 1

Part 2

 Part 3