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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Friday 10th July 2020

Hi Class G! Please make sure that you are using the internet safely at all times, especially now as so many of us are using the internet to help us while we are at home. Always remember that if you come across anything online that you know is inappropriate or worries you in anyway, you should come off your device immediately and tell an adult. The internet can be a fantastic tool when we use it responsibly, so make sure you are staying safe! 



Please watch today's assembly:




At 10am today the Prime Minister will be addressing school leavers. This will be available to watch on Facebook and YouTube.


Today is Aspirations Day.


I would like you to dress up as what you want to be when you are older. Please take a photo and post it to the blog on Purple Mash.


Then imagine a day in the life of that role. Write a diary entry imagining yourself in that position, considering the jobs you would do, the places you would go, the people you would meet and the skills and values you would need to demonstrate.