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Monday 13th July


Good Morning Nursery!


Click here to listen to “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”


I thought today you might like to create a Bear Hunt story map.


Bear Hunt Map | Teaching ResourcesWe're Going on a Bear Hunt Map & Binoculars (with FREE Printable ...




You could make some “Bear Hunt” story puppets Nursery.

Sensory Storytelling Spoons for We're Going on a Bear Hunt - The ...



“We’re going on a Bear Hunt” is one of our favourite stories Nursery. Don’t forget this Year’s Summer Reading Challenge. You can click here to find out more!

The Summer Reading Challenge Launch Party - Schedule Announced ...

Hello Again Nursery! 

It's me, Mrs Heighway. I am here again today to do something fun with you! In Class A we love to play! I hope you are ready to become Active Ants in September! We will be busy all day playing and having fun.

Today I am going to read you a story. This one I bought just for you! I knew we could have fun with it. Click on the story 'Not A Stick' below to hear me read it. It is very windy in the video outside, but I like to play outside in all weathers!

Once you have listened to the story I thought you could go on your own 'Not A Stick' hunt. What can you find and what can you play?

Here are some of my 'Not A Stick' ideas...

guitar, sword, wand, stirrer of mud pies, leaf poker, digging tool, walking stick, bat, golf club, paint brush, a tool, a horse, camp fire, a rocket, bag carrier, cloud pointer, fire hose, telescope, stickman... I'm sure you can make it into something you enjoy playing with!

I would love to hear about your stick play! Or if you would like to send me a little hello please feel welcome to email me... 

Thank you for the paintings you sent last week. I have printed them off for our classroom.

If you haven't returned your All About Me pack, please do as soon as possible.
Hope to hear from you soon!