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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Friday 10th July


Let's start the day listening to today's assembly: 

Here's our Aspirations gallery.

Isla wants to be a doctor when she grows up, you'll be great because you're so caring and thoughtful Isla.


 Today in school would usually be Aspirations day, you would usually come into school dressed up as the job you want to have when you're older. Today we want you to still do that and have a go at that job today. Send me a photo and I'll put it on this page to show your friends what you want to be.


Here are a few examples:


Do you want to be a teacher when you're older? 

Get dressed as a teacher, get your teddies lined up in a row and take the register. Do some maths work for your parents or make your brothers and sisters write a description. 

Do you want to be a hairdresser when you're older?

Get dressed as a hairdresser, get your parents to sit on a chair, get your brush and some water in a spray bottle and style their hair for them. Get a teddy with longer hair and style their hair for them too.

Do you want to be a scientist when you're older?

Get a lab coat on (you could use a jacket or one of your parents white shirts). Get a measuring jug and try some experimenting with water and food colourings. You could set up some experiments around the house and think about what could happen.

Do you want to be a footballer when you're older?

Get into your football kit, set up a football pitch in your garden. Set up some training sessions, running around cones, penalty shoot-outs, quick running and changing directions.

Do you want to be a doctor or nurse when you're older?

Get your teddies out or use your family as the patients. Take their temperature, ask where it hurts, put on bandages and make sure they're comfortable.

Do you want to be an author or illustrator when you're older?

Get yourself a pencil and paper and off you go! Write a story or draw some pictures based on a story you've read.


I would LOVE to see what you choose as your job! I'd love to receive some photographs from you dressed up and doing your job for the day. Send them to me via PurpleMash or email me: