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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Wednesday 3rd March


Have a go at answering the questions.

Maths 9.45-10.30

Counting in 10s

Practise counting in your tens.

Answer the questions below.

English 11.00-11.45

Story Writing

Today we are writing our story ending!

Our stories so far are fantastic Year 1.


In our story ending the problem must be solved.  Whatever went wrong in the middle of your story, should be solved today so you have a nice happy ending.


Make sure you read all your story so far so it continues on and fits nicely.

I can't wait to read your finished story.


Afternoon Task

 Word Book Day Preparation

 We this afternoon to make costumes for World Book Day.

Do not buy anything, use what you can around the house.


On Friday please wear your costumes whether you are in school or at home.

Happy Crafting!