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Tuesday 31st March 2020

I have seen some brilliant work completed so far this week! Keep it up Clever Clownfish! :D

Alice, I love your volcano made from a plastic bottle. Great job!

Rose, your handwriting is getting better and better! Keep up the good work :)

Alex, super Maths yesterday! Keep it up :)

Austin, Ellie-Jai and Emily - Thank you for your brilliant stories about Patch! They were a pleasure to read :)


Keep sharing your work on Purple Mash, the PTFA page or email them to Mr Jobburns - I am really enjoying seeing what you are getting up to!

Daily Prayer

Morning Maths Lessons 1

STARTER: Spend 5 minutes answering these questions. Don't forget to read the time on the clock too. 


1) pentagon

2) 15

3) 6

4) 4

Clock: The time is 6 o'clock

MAIN: Open your green book and write the short date at the top of a new page (31.3.20). Yesterday you learned how to find half of even numbers. Today you are going to find a quarter (¼) of even numbers.

Fold a piece of paper in half then in half again. How many equal parts do you have? 

To find a quarter (¼) we need to halve the number then halve the number again. This will give us four equal groups.


Like you did yesterday you are going to use the bar model to find a quarter (¼) of even numbers. Follow my guide to find out how!


Step 1: Copy the questions neatly into your green book.

Step 2: As the bottom number of the fraction (denominator) is a 4, the bar model needs four equal parts at the bottom (remember we are going to find a half first so we need two equal parts too). 

Step 3: Find half of 32 in the same way as you did yesterday.

Step 4: Now share 32 equally between the 4 groups. So a quarter of 32 is 8.

Step 5: To check your answer is correct add the quarters together. Does 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 32? Yes! So it is correct :)

Now have a go at finding a half and a quarter of these numbers using the same method:


½ of 16 = 8

¼ of 16 = 4


½ of 12 = 6

¼ of 12 = 3


half of 28 = 14

quarter of 28 = 7


½ of 40 = 20

¼ of 40 = 10


½ of 36 = 18

¼ of 36 = 9


half of 24 = 12

quarter of 24 = 6


Now have a go at solving these in your head!

quarter of 20 = 5                        

¼ of 60 = 15                             (Remember: If there are 60 minutes in an hour then there are 30 minutes in half an hour and 15 minutes in a quarter of an hour!)     

quarter of 100 = 25                      


Morning English Lesson 2

Open your green book and write the date at the top of a new page. 

As you learned yesterday, next week is Holy Week which begins on Palm Sunday. The next event that happens is on Maundy Thursday where Jesus and his disciples celebrated the Last Supper. Watch this video to remind you of the events that happened at the Last Supper:


 Today I would like you to imagine that you are organising the Last Supper.  Create an invitation to invite a disciple to the celebration. You need to pretend that it hasn't happened (tricky I know!). You could write it in your green book or you could write it on a piece of paper and fold it like a leaflet before sticking it into your book, it is up to you! :)

 Remember to:

  • use capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks
  • include adjectives
  • use conjunctions to join your sentences (and, or, but, so, because, when, if)
  • use your neatest handwriting
  • use your phonics, spelling rules and the word mat in your book to help you with your spellings
  • write at least 6 sentences
  • tell me when and where the special meal will take place


Remember to decorate your invitation too!


You can use this starter to help you if you would like:

Have you ever wanted to share a special meal with Jesus? Have you ever wanted to spend the evening with Jesus and the other disciples? Well this is your opportunity! 

You could use these examples to give you some ideas:


Read a book aloud to someone else. Don't forget to record this in your reading diary :)

Afternoon Tasks

Task 1: Have a picnic in your garden. You could eat your lunch on the grass or you could bake some cakes to enjoy outside. 

Task 2: Design and make your own planet using paper mache and a balloon. You could use your imagination or browse the internet for some ideas (ask an adult to help you!). Don't forget to decorate your planet too.

Don't forget to send me a photograph of any parts of your learning on Purple Mash if you can!

Story with Miss Denny

Follow this link for today's story :)