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It is VERY important that you are staying safe when you are using the internet. If you see something that upsets you or you know is wrong, you MUST tell an adult immediately! Please remember that you must always have an adult in the room with you when you are using the internet and you should never, ever go on the internet in your bedroom if you are alone!!!


Tuesday 26th January 2021

Our lockdown timetable:

8.45-9am: All children must register on Google Classroom.

9-9.15am: Word of the Day (website)

9.15-10.15am: English (Google Meet)

10.15-10.45am: Break

10.45-11.45am: Maths (Google Meet)

12-1pm: Lunchtime

1-1.15pm: All children must register on Google Classroom.

1.15-2.15pm: Afternoon lesson (Google Meet)

2.15-2.30pm: Break

2.30-3pm: Story Time (Google Meet)


It is important to stick to this timetable, as far as possible, to ensure the children's days are structured similarly whether they are in school or at home. Thank you!


Please register on the Google feed between 8.45 and 9am.

Morning Prayer

Begin the day by saying the Our Father prayer.

Word of The Day (9-9.15am)

Learning objective: To spell many of the Year 2 common exception words.


Today's word is: child

This is one of those tricky words that you need to be able to read and to spell by the end of Year 2.


THINK: What does child mean? 


Challenge: Draw the outline of a child on your page. How many times can you write the word child inside? You could repeat this using different sizes or different coloured pens/pencils.



Good luck! 

English (9.15-10.15 am approx.)

Learning Objective: To use expanded noun phrases and similes to describe.


*This lesson will be live. Please log onto Google Classroom at 9.15am.*


Look at the cover of this book:

Who is the author?


Michael Bond was a British author who was born in England in 1926. He joined the RAF when he was 17 and then became a member of the British Army during WW2. After this he worked for the BBC and then became a full-time writer in 1965.

He died on the 27th June 2017, aged 91, in London.

During his life, he wrote almost 150 books!


Listen to the story here (please watch the whole video):


Task 1 (15 minutes)

Carefully copy this picture of Paddington Bear in the middle of your page then colour him in. 

Task 2 (20 minutes)

Around the picture of Paddington, write some words and phrases to describe his appearance and his personality. Try to use expanded noun phrases and similes. You do not need to write in full sentences, we will be doing that tomorrow.

Grown ups - Please add a photograph of your child's work to their Class Dojo portfolio. Thank you!


Enjoy a drink and a piece of fruit. Horrible Histories is on BBC1 at this time. 

Maths (10.45 - 11.45 am approx.)

Learning objective: To double 1-digit and 2-digit numbers.


*This lesson will be live. Please log onto Google Classroom at 10.40am.*


Solve these calculations:

Last week we learnt about repeated addition and the multiplication sign (X). We are going to learn about the 2, 5 and 10 times tables this week.


What does doubling mean?


What is double 1?

What is double 2?

What is double 3?

What is double 6?

What is double 10? 


Remember: doubling means you add the same number together twice. For example, double 10 is 10 + 10.

Your Task

Copy out the calculations below then draw a picture to solve, like this:

double 11 =

double 14 =

17 + 17 =

double 20 =

double 30 =

35 + 35 =

double 42 =

50 + 50 =

60 + 60 =


Click on this link and practice doubling numbers to 100, including multiples of 5 and 10:



**It is important that you are able to double 1 digit an 2 digit numbers quickly and accurately.**

LUNCHTIME  (12 - 1pm approx.)

Afternoon Lesson - RE (1.15 - 2.15 pm)

Learning objective: To understand that Mary had to support and care for her son throughout his life (continued).

 *This lesson will be live. Please log onto Google Classroom at 1.10pm.*

Today we are going to continue our new RE Unit which is Sharing in the Life of Jesus

 Last week we thought about the feelings of Mary when she was stood at the cross with Jesus. Today we re going to think about some of the events which happened during Mary's life. 


Look at these events:

Can you put these events in order, starting from the first one that happened?


Your Task

1.Draw a path on your page.

2.Add some of the events of Mary’s life onto the path in the order that they happened.

3.Draw a picture to go with each event.



Grown ups - Please add a photograph of your child's work to their Class Dojo portfolio. Thank you.

Enjoy a drink and a piece of fruit. It's time to get some exercise too!

Story (and pet) Time with Mrs Campbell

Log onto Google Classroom at 2.30pm to listen to this afternoon's story. Don't forget to bring your furry friend along too!